Prospecting In Commercial Real Estate With

The World’s #1 Sales Trainer Jeb Blount


Prospecting In CRE

  • Get Your Prospects off the Fence
  • Get Your Prospects to Make a Decision
  • Identify Motivation
  • Get the Listing
  • Secure the Exclusive
  • Gain Trust When Prospecting
  • Secure the Prospect’s Needs
  • How to Sell Virtually
  • Leverage Social Mediums
  • Secure Meetings
  • And so much more

Prospecting With The World’s #1 Sales Trainer Jeb Blount

Recently Jeb Blount, the CEO of Sales Gravy and multiple New York Times Best-Selling Author of the most influential prospecting books of our generation such as Fanatical Prospecting, Objections and his most recent release, Virtual Selling, presented to a private client group of Rod Santomassimo, Found of the Massimo Group, the premier coaching organization in the commercial real estate industry a comprehensive session on prospecting in the CRE world today.

Rod and Jeb agreed to make this recording to the public, and you can get access to the exclusive recorded session right now and start securing more meetings today.  All for only $97!