Prospecting In Commercial Real Estate With

The World’s #1 Sales Trainer Jeb Blount


Recently Jeb Blount, the CEO of Sales Gravy and multiple New York Times Best-Selling Author of the most influential prospecting books of our generation such as Fanatical Prospecting, Objections and his most recent release, Virtual Selling, presented to a private client group of Rod Santomassimo, Found of the Massimo Group, the premier coaching organization in the commercial real estate industry a comprehensive session on prospecting in the CRE world today.

Here’s What We Cover:

  • Get Your Prospects off the Fence
  • Get Your Prospects to Make a Decision
  • Identify Motivation
  • Get the Listing
  • Secure the Exclusive
  • Gain Trust When Prospecting
  • Secure the Prospect’s Needs
  • How to Sell Virtually
  • Leverage Social Mediums
  • Secure Meetings
  • And so much more