Take your business to the next level. Group coaching to grow your personal real estate business.

Learn a proven blueprint to grow your personal real estate business by implementing systems with guidance from Massimo Group Certified Real Estate Coaches

“Aligning with the Massimo Group and engaging in their group coaching platform was THE best decision I have made in my 25-year brokerage career.”

Bryan Rudisill | NAI Charter


You’re Moving, But are you growing anywhere?

Too many brokers spend each day in a flurry of activity: managing emails, making cold calls, and responding to daily interruptions. The relentless grind of commercial real estate makes you feel as if you never make real progress. Chaos seems like the norm, yet all of this hard work doesn’t produce the results you deserve. As a smart real estate professional your business should afford you more margin, freedom, and time for things you love most. Instead, it feels like your wheels are stuck in mud and all your energy just spins your tires and digs a bigger hole. And what’s worse, you’re doing all the things that top CRE pros seem to do, but with no progress. Your competitors pass by and you’re stuck wondering if you really have what it takes to thrive. There has to be a better way, right? As one Massimo client put it: “Growing a successful commercial real estate practice does not come with a playbook. Thankfully there is the Massimo Group.”

You can be great, right?

Many brokers have the potential to excel in their profession, win industry awards, and significantly increase their income. Yet they fail to live up to their potential. What’s going on? Simple: they work with frenzy instead of focus, spending more time making less money. And what’s worse: their hectic pace is tied to swings in the market, meaning a steady pipeline is a greater fairy tale than anything Disney can produce. Thankfully there’s a way to consistently find leads, increase closed deals, and create a business that works for you, not against you. This system isn’t something that takes months or years to create, either. You won’t waste time or money in a trial and error approach. Instead, you learn a system from a guide who knows the right steps you can take to grow a better business.


Confidence from using proven strategies that are a catalyst for growth

Access to a community of top CRE professionals

A stronger pipeline full of higher quality opportunities

Group coaching from a certified Massimo Coach

Clarity in your overall purpose and in your plan every day

Technology tools allowing you to track your progress and always know what’s working

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level, join CRE Accelerator today.

Introducing CRE Accelerator


Designed for commercial real estate professionals who are ready to grow, this program guides you through 12 key steps in building your business. Our team at the Massimo Group has coached more than 2,500 CRE pros, and our members earn on average 7X more than the average broker. The CRE Accelerator takes the best of what our members love and puts it into a package crafted for your unique needs. Here’s What You Get in CRE Accelerator –


  • Coaching: Join regular group coaching calls with other growth-minded CRE pros to learn the Massimo Methods™
  • Exercises: Templates showing you how to implement the Massimo Methods™ in your business
  • Pipeline: Access to our industry-leading proprietary Pipeline and Personal Financial Reports – gain insight and analysis of your business and let nothing fall through the cracks
  • Scorecard: Use of our Business Tracking Scorecard so you know if you’re winning and understand where you need improvement
  • Coach: Your guide is a Certified Massimo Coach who facilitates weekly, video-based, group coaching sessions and ensuring you implement the Massimo Methods ™

How to Join the Program

Discovery Call

Speak with our team to determine if you’re the right fit for this program. 

Set A Plan

If you’re accepted, then you join a cohort of others like you and create a plan for personal and professional progress.

Get It Done

Now it’s time to work the plan, grow your business, and get the business you’ve always wanted.


We don’t coach to make you feel better. We coach you to be better, grow, and achieve greater success in your business.


If you commit to something, we hold you to it. When you have someone holding you accountable, you are more likely to get it done.


We have a bias toward action, and we make that a central part of your coaching


We help you discover your unique excellence, which creates the clarity and confidence necessary to build the business you deserve.


I have been in the Massimo Group’s Group Coaching Program for two months and can already tell my income will at least double this year, even if a bunch of deals fall apart. I kick myself for not doing this before. —​ C. Sterling Scott | SVN Encompass Commercial

The Massimo Accelerator Program is ideal for those who are looking to learn and apply the key pillars of expanding your personal commercial real estate business. The combination of the multiple coaches, along with peers across the country give you a broad perspective of how to successfully implement what is shared. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is on their way to becoming a market leader. — Gregg Cohen | Principal, Cresa

The Massimo coaching team reminds me of the old sports adage “If your Coach stops yelling at you, that’s when you have a problem.” While they didn’t actually yell at us, the Massimo coaches truly worked to hold members accountable and on track to bring out their best. — George Bonvillain | Elifin Realty

The Accelerator Program’s platform was simply eye-opening.  It put my focus on my personal pipeline and associated activities necessary to grow my business. I have redesigned how I prospect for business, what I say on the phone and repositioned my presentation to a more client-focused offering. It’s been a huge change.  I have recaptured so much time to complete the most productive responsibilities in growing my business. — Alanna Hogan | Realtime Commercial

The Accelerator program gave me the tools I needed to change my prospecting approach, which was heavily reliant upon referral to one that is much more proactively focused and structured. In addition, my value proposition, as well as my presentation format, are much stronger. It has been a real game-changer for me. — Kim Mills | Phoenix Conmercial Properties

CRE Accelerator Curriculum

A Recipe for Personal, Professional Success

Session 1.  Your Business Plan

Session 2. Personal Productivity

Session 3. Ensuring an Ideal Week

Session 4.  A Client Focused Offering (Value Prop)

Session 5.  The Prospect Letter

Session 6.  Your Opening Statement

Session 7.  Moving to Meeting

Session 8. Creating a Powerful, Personal Presence

Session 9.  Leveraging Your Success

Session 10. Differentiating Presentations

Session 11. Your Meeting Planner

Session 12.  Being the CEO of Me Inc.

Proprietary Technology and Tools to Keep You Moving Forward

The Massimobile™ platform is your repository of all the vital elements of your program. Massimobile™ features include our customized goal identification and key metric recording, exercise, worksheet and video library, proprietary pipeline tracking, and your coach communication channel. Ultimately, Massimobile™ provides you 24/7 access to your commercial real estate business, the confidence of knowing where you should be focusing your efforts, and how to best allocate your time and talents to secure the greatest results from all your hard work.

Program Details:

Our December Session is SOLD OUT

Our next 12-week group will start on

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 4pm EST

Experienced Certified CRE Massimo Coaches

Years of Combined Experience

Individual Coaching Sessions

Members Coached

It is time to choose

And you have just two choices…


OPTION 1: Be Peter Feelstuck

Keep doing what you’ve always done and keep getting those same results. While other folks are home early for dinner every night and spending weekends on the lake, you keep frantically calling prospects who ignore your calls.   OR

OPTION 2: Be Jeff Freemargin

You build the business you imagined when starting this career. Leads are consistent, prospects take your calls, and closing rates are higher. Every night you’re home with the family and not stressed about work. With higher income and more free time, you finally decide to take those vacations you deserve.

The choice is yours – Get confidence and clarity OR live in chaos with no direction

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